Worship in the Midst of Snow

Take time to ponder the snow and how it may bring a clearer understanding of who Jesus Christ is to you. Allow this simple ‘object lesson’ to be one that you store away in your heart so that you can be reminded, every time it snows, of the grace and mercy of God, the power in the blood of Christ and the absolute perfection of our Savior!

Are You in the Pit?

Do you ever feel that you are somewhere between Genesis chapters 37 and 40. In the midst of circumstances that you can’t believe and would not have chosen for yourself? Is God allowing circumstances to knead you, mold you, make you into a vessel worthy of a great commission?

Is Your Parachute Ready?

One of the struggles that I have is exactly how much space God needs to work. What I mean by this is how much abiding is necessary? What’s the line between His will for my life and my will for my life? If a prayer isn’t answered, is it because it just not time, or is the answer ‘no’? Or was it my will and not His?