The Journey – Seeking His Will and Following His Plan is a collection of past writings and new writings that reflect how the Lord has worked in my life.  God has put on my heart that I am to share with others my experiences of loss, heartbreak, struggles, and disappointment AND how, only through His mercy…  I ran smack into the middle of His grace, provision, love and forgiveness.

May my experiences and His responses give you great hope. 🙂


Who Am I?

I am a follower of Jesus, loving wife, and doting mother of two.  I strive to be a faithful and loving friend that builds up and does not tear down.  I am a servant of God in my church and community with a heartfelt desire to bring others to experience the love of Christ through my words and actions.  Now the Savior of my life has put on my heart that I share with you how he has provided, restored, encouraged, renewed and performed miraculously, over and over again, in my journey.